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24/7 House

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About Us

24/7 House, Inc. began offering services to men and women suffering from the disease of addiction in 2009. The mission was simple: create a recovery atmosphere which was safe, Biblical , and firm in the 12 steps. The goal was for 24/7 House to become a gateway to re-enter society.

Pete Wright knew firsthand about second chances and wanted to provide a service that wold give those seeking recovery a means to begin the healing process.

In 2009, Pete approached the Appling County healthcare Systems about purchasing the nursing home located on Donnie Lane.It had been vacant for five or six years. After several meetings, much discussion, and quite a lot of prayer, Appling County Healthcare Systems told Pete that 24/7 House could have the nursing home for $1.00. The irony of the transaction is that in 1966 Appling Convalescent Center opened its doors so that individuals might have a safe, clean, private facility to live in the last days of their lives. In 2010 the same cinder block facility became a safe haven for men and women seeking recovery from the disease of addiction. God took an empty building and uses it as a vessel to transform lives.


  • I’m learning how to do the next right thing and building the much needed relationship with God. –Renee
  • I am extremely grateful to God, the 24/7 House, and my recovery. – Nicki
  • Today I have a life full of hope, love, gratitude, peace and happiness. -Craig
  • Can’t explain on this paper my gratitude for 24/7 House and all they do and are doing for me.-Robin Renae
  • I am finally happy. I smile, laugh, and pray just to pray.-Robert


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