Fair Street Update 12/21/17

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December 22, 2017
Baxley Fair Street Update                                                                                                            December 20, 2017
                Christmas holidays are right around the corner and we hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. As everyone is aware, the original proposed project completion date is this month, but it is apparent that they will not complete the entire project this month. As a result Hofstadter and Associates requested a time extension request from Sikes Brothers Construction on behalf of the city. We received the schedule and date, but only with the City Council’s confirmation can it be approved. Sikes has been diligently working on the project, but the progress has been much slower than anticipated. This is due to a compilation of unknown circumstances, inclement weather (hurricane, etc.), and some required re-design issues after the proposed start date of the project.
                We are happy to report that the pipe work north of Tollison Street is coming to a close. The mainline work of the new water main and storm drainage system will reach Crosby Street by Friday December 22, 2017. You can expect to see the site dressed up and cleaned as much as possible for the holidays. This will include rock over driveways that have been removed, touch up of the trenches, and the street will be swept. Sikes will also fill in holes and settled areas of trenches in the street to aid in making transit as smooth as possible, although there will still be some unevenness in the driving surface, so please continue to drive with caution. There will be no project disturbances from Friday, December 22, 2017 thru December 26, 2017. Upon completion of the mainline work, there will only be a few storm drainage crossings remaining that will be in conflict with the existing water mains. To install these will require some planning and coordination in swapping over to the new water main once all testing is complete.
Moving forward into 2018 there will be a big push to complete the curb, gutter, and sidewalk north of Tollison Street, all the while focusing on the pipe installation south of Tollison Street. This should move more quickly than the north because the linear footage of pipe to be installed is much less than the north side of the project. A common question that has been heard is, “will they wait to finish the south side before resurfacing the north side?” To answer this, there are several processes that will go into the resurfacing of the street and at this time, the decision has not been made by Sikes to perform one side at a time or all at once. 
                It is understandable that patience may be running thin by many that are affected by this construction. We generously ask for continued patience as we persevere toward completion. We have established a new proposed project completion date and will continue to make every effort to not prolong the project beyond what is necessary to produce a quality finished product. Thank you all for understanding and remaining as optimistic as we are that the labor pains will be worth bearing for the end result.